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At Goat Dispatch we strategically deploy goat herds of all sizes to control buckthorn, invasive brush and noxious weeds. Eco-friendly and fun to watch!

Why Use Goats?


Hire Goat Dispatch to bring in a herd of goats who will happily consume this invasive plant. 

Feature 01

No heavy,
noisy machinery is used

Feature 02

Cost effective
than many traditional methods

Feature 03

Reduce the production of seeds
by consuming seeding stems

Our Introductions

Goat Dispatch

We are a goat rental company who uses goats to manage vegetation.

Goat Dispatch is owned by Jake and Amanda Langeslag. We are located in south central Minnesota, in the town of Faribault. Goat Dispatch is a company that specializes in land mangement/brush removal with the use of goats.

Goat Rental Services

for small 1/8th acre pollinator gardens to large scale pens of 200+ Acres.

Breeding Stock Goats Spanish
Goats and Spanish crosses.

The Process

Customer Goat Rental Process

this website.

 Be sure to check out some of our Youtube videos so you are familiar with the types of fencing and goats that we use.

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Fill out the Online Request Form on our site. This sends a time stamped email request to us. 

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After we have collected the information from you we will call or email you to verify.

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I love goat dispatch. We had them here twice. Very nice workers and very professional services.

Tate Bente


Gina Bainey

Loved seeing their goats at Lake Elmo Park.

Ather Syed

Goats Benefits

Why Choose Goats

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They are Eco-Friendly! No heavy, noisy machinery is used.

Goats naturally fertilize

Goats naturally fertilize the ground as they eat and leave their droppings.

Cost effective

Using goats to clear land and woody areas is much more cost effective than many traditional methods. T
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Goat Dispatch is a company that specializes in land mangement/brush removal with the use of goats.



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