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Goat Watcher - Volunteer

This goat watcher typically lives in the neighborhood of a current goat job site. They typically .....

Goat Watcher - Employee

This goat watcher will check goats at multiple sites based on their preferred travel distance....

Goat Wrangler - Fence Installer

This person helps set-up our and take down our portable electric netting fencing...

Goat Wrangler - Goat Transporter

This person loads and unloads goats and various job sites. For smaller urban jobs we use a pick-up..

Goat Dispatcher - Mobile Office Estimator and Customer Relations

This person works remotely on their computer to help customers get estimate...

Goat Dispatch is a company that specializes in land mangement/brush removal with the use of goats.



+1 507-333-5959
Faribault, MN, US 55021