Customer Goat Rental Process

The Process

Step 1: Review this website

Be sure to check out some of our Youtube videos so you are familiar with the types of fencing and goats that we use.  We have many more videos that we are constantly uploading to the site so be sure to check back to see what is new.

Step 2: Fill out the Online Form on our site

This sends a time stamped email request to us.  Fill out this form as best as you can.  We will use this information to give you a price range for your site.  The following information really helps us give you a close price range:

  • Full Address
  • Is the property in the city limits or the country?
  • Are there any schedule deadlines?
  • Target plants for the goats to eat
  • Approximate area to be grazed

Step 3: Phone / Email Interview

After we have collected the information from Step 2 we will call or email you to verify our maps and for us to ask any additional information about the job.  This also allows you to ask any other questions you have about the process.  We will then give you a price range estimate for the location.

Step 4:On-site Consultation

  During this step we will come out and walk the property.  We will confirm density of vegetation, fencing lanes, water and electric supplies, site access and other factors that contribute to the cost of the job.  During this meeting we will present an exact estimate for the job.  Standard design consultations range from $75 – $250 depending on how large the property is.  We also will reserve your spot on this schedule and give you target grazing dates.

Step 5:Goats Arrive!

Fencing is set-up and then goats arrive to start working.  Some jobs take as little as a few days and some landowners have enough property to sustain goats for the duration of the grazing season.

Step 6: Post Grazing Evaluation

After the goats are done we now have a baseline calibration for your property and we use this to help estimate future grazes.  If the client likes the results we then will suggest a long-term comprehensive land management plan.  This will highlight what needs to be done along with the goats to get the most impact.  We also will conduct further vegetation samples to identify if you have any other problematic or invasive plants on the property that may need more immediate attention (early detection is key!).  This also involves GPS mapping of the property and problem areas.  This basic comprehensive plans ranges from $300-$800.  Some people who have seen goats in action before will do the comprehensive plan at Step 4.  However, many new customers often like to try it out first to make sure they like the results before we develop a long-term plan with goats and other methods.

Once you get a spot on our schedule we give you first option when the booking window opens for the following season.  We typically start to set-up and finalize the goat routes in February and March before the grazing season.

Goat Dispatch is a company that specializes in land mangement/brush removal with the use of goats.



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