Why Use Goats?

They are Eco-Friendly! No heavy, noisy machinery is used.
Goats naturally fertilize the ground as they eat and leave their droppings.
As goats eat the brushy vegetation, it provides control of mosquitoes and wood ticks due to reductions in their habitat.
Goats have narrow, strong mouths designed for stripping individual leaves and chewing branches.
Goats can reach taller branches by standing on hind legs (sometimes reaching 6ft or higher!) or climbing.

Why Use Goats?

Goats prefer broad-leafed plants so brush and invading field vegetation is eaten first while grass is normally left alone.
Goats have special enzymes in their gut so they are able to eat plants that are poisonous to other animals.
Through their grazing habits, goats reduce the production of seeds by consuming seeding stems. Therefore invasive plant species such as Buckthorn cannot sprout as the immature seeds consumed do not survive passage through the digestive tract.
Using goats to clear land and woody areas is much more cost effective than many traditional methods. The costs of clearing land by hand, equipment rental, labor, permits, and debris disposal can add up very quickly.
Goats are agile and love climbing therefore they can graze areas that machinery and human beings can’t get to.

Goat Dispatch is a company that specializes in land mangement/brush removal with the use of goats.



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